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17 March
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my name is mandy. i live in long island, new york. my birthday is march 17th & i'm 19 years old. i work at abercrombie & fitch. i graduated from ward melville highschool. i am currently attending suffolk community college. i have two younger siblings (my brother is 18 and my sister is 17).

i'm 5'6'', my hair is black, although it's forever changing now (dying my hair is one of my new guilty pleasures), straight and medium length. i weigh about 135 pounds but i'm never satisfied with that. i have my belly button doubled peirced (one is right below the other. me and my mom bonded and both got it done) and ears peirced. i have four holes on each ear (thanks to katie who finally pierced my fourth hole!), & i have a cartilage peircing on my left ear. i also have a tattoo on my lower back (chinese symbol for "love"), the used heart on my left ankle and two tiny hearts on each hip (the one of the right is a broken heart). i drive a 2003 light green vw beetle, but to my friends it's known as seaweed or the mandy mobile :)

i have the best friends in the world. without them, things would be pretty rough. they're there through thick and thin, which is one of the reasons why i love them so much.

if you want to know anything else, don't hesitate to ask me.

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